Stress & Anxiety Relief

Anxiety can be a tricky thing to manage; however, it can be managed. With the help of cryotherapy, it can even be managed quickly. Previously, tests have been done to find out whether cryotherapy benefits patients with long-term anxiety, and the findings showed that cryotherapy does in fact help. The cold stimulates the body’s nervous system. Science has already shown that cryotherapy stimulates physiological reactions of the human body which result in analgesic, anti-swelling, hormonal, immune, and circulatory system reactions. Apart from activating the body’s system of temperature regulation, there is also a hormonal response, which increases body metabolism and the concentrations of adrenaline, noradrenaline, adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), cortisone, endorphins, oxytocin, and pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC), and β-endorphins in blood plasma.  The release of these all natural anti-anxiety hormones, results in improved mood and lower anxiety levels.

Since we know that cryotherapy boosts the immune system, increases energy, and does wonders for the body, it is no surprise that it also improves how people feel. By helping the body, cryotherapy helps people feel mentally and emotionally better as well.

How You Can Be a Better You, Fast!

If you are experiencing anxiety, stress, and/or pain, try a cryotherapy treatment and see how you feel afterwards. While cryotherapy might not get rid of anxiety permanently, it will definitely help you get there faster and be a better you holistically. So start managing anxiety and pain better using cryotherapy treatments and don’t look back!

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