New Clients

New clients at Glastonbury Massage Center

What It’s Like Working With Us

We simply want to get to know you and establish a firm understanding of your goals and concerns regarding your health. At Glastonbury Cryotherapy, we make a great effort to ensure that you don’t feel hurried in any way—we want to get to know you and your body.

How Do You Find Us

Glastonbury Cryotherapy is located at 730 Hebron Avenue in Glastonbury, CT.  We are nestled in with Glastonbury Massage Center.

Paperwork Made Convenient

For your convenience,we’ve included our paperwork online to complete in the comfort of your own home!

What happens during my session?

Let the experts break it down for you – a whole body cryotherapy session is when a person experiences a 3 minute (or less!) cold therapy treatment in a cryosauna. <Read More>

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